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"Alaska is one of the most impressive places on earth and it’s always a pleasure to watch our guests discover our incredible glaciers, fjords, mountains and people, gaining a deeper appreciation for our beautiful planet."

Travel Director
Alaska at a glance
From the soaring mountains of Denali National Park to the glittering glaciers of the Kenai Fjords, Alaska is home to some of the world’s most extraordinary wonders. Join your expert Trafalgar Travel Director and get to know the real Alaska, from the Alaskan Athabascans to the local gold miners.
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What to pack for Amsterdam

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Comfortable walking shoes

Whether you’re strolling around the canals or cycling through the streets, you’ll need to bring a comfortable pair of shoes for your Amsterdam trip.

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Waterproof coat

Amsterdam gets around 133 rainy days a year, so it’s best to come prepared with a warm and waterproof raincoat. A small umbrella will also come in handy!

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Day bag

A day pack is perfect for holding your raincoat and umbrella, plus all those special souvenirs you pick up on your Amsterdam adventures.

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Digital maps

With so many amazing things to do in Amsterdam, it’s a great idea to download the city map to your phone, so you can access it even when your phone is offline.

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Camera & extra SD cards

Amsterdam might just be one of the most gorgeous cities you’ll ever visit, so be sure to bring a camera and extra SD cards to capture all that beauty.

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