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6 Day Trip

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Treasures of Ireland End Shannon

4.5 267 reviews

Prices from £1,148 pp


  1. Ireland

    Blarney Cobh Cork Dublin Foynes Killarney Lahinch Limerick Waterford

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6 Day Trip

8 Cities in

1 Country

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Best of Devon and Cornwall

Explore the secrets of Devon and Cornwall on a quest through the Celtic coast. 

4.5 433 reviews

Prices from £893 pp


  1. United Kingdom

    Bath Bristol Buckfastleigh Dartmouth Exeter Plymouth Salisbury Warminster

All you need to know about Short Breaks

What are the top 5 city breaks?

We love exploring the bright lights, busy streets and mouth-watering food of the world’s greatest cities. Our top 5 city breaks are Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Amsterdam. We also love a weekend trip to Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Sydney, Tokyo and New York.

What is a mini holiday?

A mini holiday is a short getaway that could last anywhere from 2 to 10 days. If you’re short on time but still need a break, a mini holiday is the perfect solution. You could explore an action-packed city like Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo or Hong Kong in four days with our best city breaks.

Where should I go for a romantic weekend?

If you’re looking for a romantic weekend, there’s no better place than the beautiful gardens of Singapore, the stunning Blue Mountains of Sydney, or the snowy peak of Mount Fuji in Japan. We also love exploring the romantic cities of Paris or Rome on a weekend getaway with our loved one.

Where should I go on a short holiday?

There are plenty of cities and countries that make for a great short break in the sun. We love exploring exciting cities like London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Amsterdam. You could also discover countries like Jordan and Ireland in 6 days or Nepal in just 4 days with our short breaks.

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