Get off the beaten track with our Balkans vacations, where you’ll get up close to all the natural beauty, history and culture of these enchanting lands. Climb the Carpathian Mountains, sail across Lake Bled, and dip your toes in the Adriatic Sea. Discover the ancient history of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, then learn about the War Tunnel in Sarajevo. From Montenegro’s gorgeous beaches to Belgrade’s buzzing streets, our Balkan tours are unforgettable.
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Balkan Adventure

From $2,825


  1. Albania


  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Mostar Sarajevo

  3. Bulgaria


  4. Macedonia


  5. Montenegro

    Budva Kotor

  6. Romania

    Arbanassi Bran Brasov Bucharest Poiana Brasov Veliko Tarnovo

  7. Serbia


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12 Day Trip

9 Cities in

3 Countries

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Balkan Delight

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  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Mostar Sarajevo

  2. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Osojnik Plitvice Split Trogir Zagreb

  3. Serbia


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11 Day Trip

8 Cities in

2 Countries

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Best of Croatia and Slovenia

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  1. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Opatija Plitvice Pula Split Trogir Zagreb

  2. Slovenia


32 Day Trip

27 Cities in

12 Countries

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European Supreme with Eurostar™

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  1. Albania


  2. Austria

    Innsbruck Vienna

  3. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Plitvice

  4. France

    Calais Paris

  5. Germany

    Boppard Mannheim

  6. Greece

    Athens Delphi Kalambaka Patras

  7. Italy

    Ancona Assisi Florence Mestre Pompeii Rocchetta Nervina Rome Venice

  8. Netherlands


  9. Slovenia


  10. Switzerland


  11. United Kingdom

    Dover London

  12. Vatican City

    Vatican City

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9 Day Trip

2 Cities in

1 Country

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Pearls of the Adriatic Southbound Lower Deck

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  1. Croatia

    Dubrovnik Opatija

All you need to know about Balkan Sightseeing Tours

What countries make up Balkan?

If you’re trying to choose your Balkan travel destinations, you’ve got plenty of options. There are several countries within the Balkan Peninsula including Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kosovo. Parts of Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia also make up the Balkans.

What is the best time to visit the Balkans?

Spread over almost 200,000 square miles, the climate varies greatly around the Balkans. In general, the spring and autumn shoulder seasons are perfect for mild temperatures, less crowded cities and blooming national parks, while summer brings hot weather and perfect beach days. If you’re taking on the chilly winter, pack your snow gear!

Why are they called the Balkans?

The meaning behind the name ‘Balkans’ is obscure. The word ‘Balkan’ means ‘mountain’ in Turkish and was aptly used to describe this mountainous region throughout history. While the concept of the “Balkans” was created by a German geographer in 1808, the term became more popular in the 19th and 20th centuries as a geopolitical concept.

What is the best Balkan route?

Dreaming of a Balkans road trip? Our top Balkans itinerary takes you to the best places in the region, starting in Romania’s capital Bucharest. Head to Sofia in Bulgaria, cross to Skopje in North Macedonia, then arrive in Tirana in Albania. Travel up to Montenegro, see the sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, then finish up in Serbia’s Belgrade for the ultimate Balkan adventure.

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