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Trafalgar highlights

Real Trafalgar highlights

Freedom to discover, confidence to explore

Each trip is carefully crafted to leave you free to live in the moment and enjoy your vacation without a worry in the world. Have the confidence to explore the real depth of the places you choose, thanks to our Trafalgar highlights that other travellers may never know about or have access to. You can leave the guidebooks at home and experience the real thing without worrying about a thing. Here is just a taste of what you can expect on each and every trip across the globe.
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The Icons

The bucket list items

We understand that sometimes, it’s the bucket list items you just want to see. Let us show you the icons (often with VIP access!) so you have more time to get to the heart and soul of each destination.   
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Stays with Stories

The places you'll stay

Stay in accommodations that are more than just a bed for the night but an important piece of the local heritage. From centuries-old castles to historical homesteads, you’ll be immersed in the stories behind each property, giving you the chance to live the legacy yourself.
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Dive into Culture

The things that you'll do

Leave your guidebooks at home and dive into the local cultures that make each destination so special. We’ll connect you with our Trafalgar-exclusive experiences for a deeper understanding of the places we go, while allowing you to see the world through a different lens.     
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Connect with Locals

The people you'll meet

We connect you with locals who are proud to welcome you into their community and share their stories through food – not only to experience the regions’ delicacies, but also the way of life. From secret restaurants to Trafalgar exclusive Be My Guest experiences with local families, you’ll gain a glimpse into the lives of the people who call these places ‘home’.
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Make A Difference

By travelling with us

At Trafalgar, we strive to make a difference globally, locally and individually. From connecting you with our JoinTrafalgar initiatives powered by TreadRight to bringing you closer to the local communities of the regions we visit, you have the opportunity to help us support the people and places that are close to our hearts.
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Hidden Gems

The secrets you'll hear

Your Travel Director is passionate about the places they share. That’s why on each trip, they’ll surprise you with their favourite Hidden Gems and local secrets that they’ve collected over years of travelling the world.  

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