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Arts and Culture Tours Ways to go

Do you seek out new cultures on your trips? Are you the traveller who spends hours exploring museums, galleries, theatres and cultural sites? Then you’ll fall head over heels for our arts and culture tours. Whether you want to witness a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, see the dance of the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey, or marvel at ancient rock art in Australia’s Outback, our cultural trips are ready to enrich and inspire.
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Top arts and culture tours

14 Day trip

14 Cities in

2 Countries

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Treasures of Spain and Portugal End Barcelona

4.7 251 reviews

All Dates Sold Out


  1. Portugal

    Fatima Lisbon Porto

  2. Spain

    Barcelona Granada Guadix Madrid Peñíscola Santiago De Compostela Segovia Seville Toledo Valencia Zamora

18 Day trip

27 Cities in

11 Countries

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Traditional Europe End Paris

4.8 469 reviews

All Dates Sold Out


  1. Austria


  2. Belgium


  3. France

    Avignon Beaune Colmar Lyon Nice Paris Saint-Paul-de-Vence

  4. Germany

    Cologne Heidelberg Rhineland

  5. Italy

    Assisi Capri Florence Pisa Pompeii Rome Sorrento Venice

  6. Liechtenstein


  7. Monaco


  8. Netherlands


  9. Switzerland

    Engelberg Lucerne

  10. United Kingdom


  11. Vatican City

    Vatican City

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Save up to R16,935
13 Day trip

8 Cities in

1 Country

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Splendours of Japan with Hiroshima

4.5 459 reviews

From R89,930 Was R105,800


  1. Japan

    Hiroshima Kanazawa Kyoto Omishima Island Osaka Takayama Tokyo Yamanakako

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Save up to R12,450
14 Day trip

14 Cities in

2 Countries

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East Coast USA and Canada End Boston

4.7 45 reviews

From R66,215 Was R77,900


  1. Canada

    Montreal Niagara Falls Old Quebec Ottawa SaintLaurentlIledOrleans Toronto

  2. United States

    Bird In Hand Boston MA Corning Lancaster Leola New York City Philadelphia Washington D.C.

14 Day trip

12 Cities in

6 Countries

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Bohemian Highlights

4.7 737 reviews

All Dates Sold Out


  1. Austria


  2. Czech Republic

    Prague Tábor

  3. Germany

    Berlin Frankfurt

  4. Hungary

    Budapest Győr

  5. Poland

    Czestochowa Krakow Poznan Warsaw

  6. Slovakia

    Banská Bystrica

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Save up to R4,080
14 Day trip

16 Cities in

1 Country

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Best of Turkey

4.7 514 reviews

From R36,720 Was R40,800


  1. Turkey

    Ankara Antalya Aspendos Canakkale Cappadocia Ephesus Gallipoli Goreme Hierapolis Istanbul Izmir Konya Pamukkale Pergamon Perge Troy

13 Day trip

17 Cities in

2 Countries

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Best of France

4.6 999 reviews

All Dates Sold Out


  1. France

    Arles Avignon Beaune Biarritz Bordeaux Carcassonne French Riviera Giverny Loire Valley Lourdes Lyon Mont-Saint-Michel Normandy Beaches Paris Saint Emilion Villandry

  2. Monaco


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Save up to R4,730
13 Day trip

15 Cities in

2 Countries

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Best of Italy

4.7 3810 reviews

From R42,300


  1. Italy

    Assisi Capri Como Florence Italian Lakes Lake Maggiore Milan Pisa Pompeii Rome San Gimignano Sorrento Venice Verona

  2. Vatican City

    Vatican City

The best local culture unlocked for you

Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences and uncover local secrets when our friends across the country open their doors to you. Here’s just a sample of the rich experiences you can expect.

All you need to know about Arts & Culture Tours

What is culture heritage tourism?

Culture heritage tourism is traveling to experience authentic food, music, clothing, stories, artifacts and activities of different countries and cultures around the world. Our arts and culture tours include cultural heritage experiences like listening to Fado music in Portugal, learning how to wear a kimono in Japan, and witnessing the flamenco in Spain.

Which destinations are popular for arts and cultural trips?

If you’re keen on arts tours or cultural holidays, you can’t go past destinations like Kyoto in Japan, Shanghai in China, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Hoi An in Vietnam, Wellington in New Zealand, the Northern Territory in Australia, the east coast of the USA, and European cities like Paris and Rome.

What is the art capital of the world?

Looking for the best cities in the world for art? You can’t miss the art mecca of Paris, with over 1,000 galleries including The Louvre. You also have to visit New York for its MoMa and Guggenheim, London for its Tate Modern and National Gallery, Florence for Renaissance art, Barcelona for the works of Gaudi, Amsterdam for its iconic Dutch artists, and Singapore for its futuristic exhibitions.

What are the top cultural trip destinations in Europe?

Our cultural tours take you to some of the top destinations in Europe where you can experience arts and cultures, including Istanbul, Vienna, Prague, Porto, Seville and of course, the cultural heavyweights like Venice, Florence and Rome of Italy and Paris and Bordeaux of France.

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